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I. company introduction:

Products in tianjin international trade co., LTD belongs to the world top 500 enterprises in tianjin property group co., LTD. (former tianjin materials group corporation), is a professional international trade company, formerly known as tianjin metal products division international trade department, established in April 2011, the whole system transformation. The company has 179 employees, with an average age of 33, with a registered capital of 11.764.7 billion yuan. It is mainly engaged in the production of steel, non-ferrous metals, iron ore, coking coal, soybean, dairy products, and other products. The main business is steel export business, non-ferrous metal import business, soybean, coal, iron ore import business. Company around big customers conduct import from raw material to the steel products export for the main business of supply chain management, gradually formed the agent combined with proprietary, spot trading, futures, and combination of business model, integrated service providers for the international supply chain management of large trade growth.

As the main carrier of the overseas marketing network of tianwu group and the main carrier of debt issuance, the company has a high overseas reputation and influence. Companies adhere to the "global procurement, global sales" internationalization development strategy, relying on the national strategy of "area", use a variety of patterns, and the advantages of domestic and foreign large and medium-sized steel mills at home and abroad for joint venture cooperation. It has initially formed a foreign trade operation pattern covering North America, Europe, Middle East, South America and southeast Asia, as well as export and re-export trade.

Ii. Business introduction:

Steel business: my company for a long time in the upstream and the domestic large and medium-sized steel mills maintained a good cooperative relationship, and the plant, baotou steel, LingGang signed a strategic cooperation relations, has obvious advantage purchasing channels. In the downstream, large overseas traders and end consumer manufacturers have established fixed sales outlets in South Korea, Vietnam, Europe, the Middle East and the United States, and the sales channels are stable. At present, the company has steel one, two, three, a total of three specialized steel sales team, the average age in more than five years, the team sales ability outstanding, steel sales area covers North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, southeast Asia, South Asia and some domestic areas. In addition, our company take advantage of the Hong Kong companies in Asian financial centres, actively cooperate with every large domestic and foreign Banks, to provide customers with a more flexible and personalized payment, was welcomed by the masses of customers.

Raw material of business: the company to provide customers from the raw material imported into semi-finished products, finished product sales of one-stop integrated service, realize the depth of the whole industry chain cooperation with customers and raw materials sales area mainly concentrated in hebei, shandong, Inner Mongolia and other regions, mainly for domestic large and medium-sized steel enterprises such as terminal consumption. At present, the company has a large market advantage in integration services.

Colored business: the company in "period is combined with" concept under the guidance, by importing and entrepot trade, domestic trade, procurement and sales, import and export agent and various trade form, formed mainly electrolytic copper, electrolytic nickel color management pattern. On the supply side, the company has built up to the world's leading non-ferrous metal producers and traders international resources supply network and enterprise in China mainly non-ferrous metal production and large traders, mainly domestic sales network resources. The main sales area is Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang and other east China. The company has maintained the continuous and rapid development of the non-ferrous business with the large bank credit, the reputation of the brand and the professional sales team.

Soy business: soybean trade company operating since 2014, rose from a single agent import gradually developed has formed a discount for buying and selling, the futures price and settlement of integrated business model, soybean volume increases year by year. At present, the company has established close cooperation with ABCD and downstream end customers, and imported high-quality soybeans from the United States, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. With excellent service and efficient operation, the company enjoys a good reputation in the industry.